Gui Gui’s long-awaited Chinese drama “The Four” will be airing in 2015 on Hunan TV, one of the biggest TV networks in China. The drama will be one of several other dramas in the Golden Eagle time slot, the most coveted time slot reserved for only the most popular and most successful dramas. This also means “The Four” will be airing episodes everyday.

The upcoming drama “The Four” (少年四大名捕) is an adaptation of Wen Rui An’s popular wuxia (martial arts world) novel “The Four” (四大名捕). The plot focuses on four constables/guards Wu Qing (“Heartless”), Tie Shou (“Iron Fist”), Zhui Ming (“Life Chaser”), and Leng Xue (“Cold-Blooded”), each adept in a certain martial arts style. In the drama, Yang Yang plays Wu Qing, Mao Zi Jun plays Tie Shou, William Chan plays Zhui Ming, and Zhang Han plays Leng Xue. Each character will have a love interest in the drama. Gui Gui plays Ling Yi Yi, Tie Shou’s childhood friend and love interest.

2014.10.19 - "What am I doing today?"

[PART 2] Photos of Gui Gui and Korean model Park Jung Hwan from their KStyleTrip photo shoot

[PART 1]

[PART 1] Photos of Gui Gui and Korean model Park Jung Hwan from their KStyleTrip photo shoot

[PART 2]

Behind-the-scenes photos of Gui Gui at the KStyleTrip photo shoot

Photos of Gui Gui and the cast and crew of “Our Ten Years” at the movie’s 2014.10.16 press conference

2014.10.18 - "In the middle of filming a commercial."

2014.10.18 - "Since coming back, I haven’t had much time on my hands, but I’m still happy."

2014.10.16 - The Cast and Crew of “Our Ten Years” Fast to Bring Awareness for World Hunger

"Our Ten Years" Movie: "#Our Ten Years# #Our Ten Years Graduation Ceremony# Ma Wei Hao, Zhao Li Ying, Kimi Qiao, Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie, and Edi Feng successfully completed the twelve hour-long #Hunger Experience#. They felt the hunger that impoverished children feel. We hope that that everybody will follow in our steps and #Come Together and Help Out#. Let’s show our love for the children who aren’t able to eat a full meal. @Weibo Charity, @Owhat.
Director Ma Wei Hao, Zhao Li Ying, Kimi Qiao, and Edi Feng Video:
Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie’s Video:

Come Together and Help Out: "#Hunger Experience#. We need to #come together and help out# to spread love to more people who need help."

"Our Ten Years" Movie: "Together, spread the love!"

Kimi Qiao: "I’ve become addicted to being hungry, but I’m fine."

Gui Gui: "[Hearts]"

2014.10.16 - "@Zhao Li Ying, @Kimi Qiao. You two were born one day apart. Happy birthday! I’m really hapy to be able to film a movie with you two! We have to be happy together."