2014.08.21 - "I accept the #ice bucket challenge#. Everyone, please show your love! Care for those affected by ALS. I pass it on to Zhang Han, Ye Zu Xin, and Nikii Yi. You have been nominated."

2014.08.19 - "Shenyang, hello."

2014.08.19 - "Goodnight, Beijing. Tomorrow, I’m hopping over to Shenyang."

2014.08.19 - Gui Gui, the Role Model

Taiwan Fashion: ”[#Fashion Idol# Vol. 1: Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie] Since debuting in ‘Blackie’s Teenage Club’, Wu Ying Jie actually hasn’t been rushing through the entertainment industry. She doesn’t try to stir up news or act sexy, but she does acting and does her best living life. In 2014, Gui Gui has quickly risen with the airings of ‘The Incisive Great Teacher’, ‘A Different Kind of Pretty Man’, and ‘The Shenzhen Roommate Diaries’ and the upcoming premiere of ‘The Four Finale’.”

Gui Gui: "Thanks, Taiwan Fashion and Sina Taiwan, for your great love for me. Continue to do your best, Wu Ying Jie."

2014.08.19 - "Gordon Chan, Liu Yan, Deng Chao, and Jiang Yi Yan, we’ve spent four years together. #8.22 The Four Finale# Thanks for everyone’s effort."

2014.08.19 - "#8.22 The Four Finale# #Ding Dang Takes You to Watch the Movie# I am so lucky to be able to have so many friends that are like family to me. I also thank everyone for taking care of me. It’s the last movie [of the trilogy]. I really hope that we will sit together in front of the curtain before it premieres. There are also my cute fans. Thanks for everyone accompanying me. And this thing about fighting over tickets, I’ll cover everyone! Post something special: Take a picture of your group of four, your four good friends."

2014.08.17 - Gui Gui Wears “Ghost Emma”

2014.08.17 - "Is he a different kind of pretty man? #A Different Kind of Pretty Man# tonight at 22:00 on Hunan TV. Don’t forget! Hahaha."

2014.08.16 - "Today is so busy! Watch all of them, watch all of them! @Hunan TV’s ‘Laugh Out Loud’, @Shenzhen TV’s ‘Generation Show’."

2014.08.16 - Watch Gui Gui on “Laugh Out Loud”!

Hunan TV’s “Laugh Out Loud”: "#Laugh Out Loud# Tonight at 22:00, the third season of Hunan TV’s ‘Laugh Out Loud’ will extravagantly air. But before airing, the editor will release some cute photos as a warm-up! @Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie, @Zhang Yun Long. This is a story about how they torment each other even though they’re the same… Those fruits belong to the show and are fake. Gui Gui, why are you staring at the fruit so intensely?"

Gui Gui: "Today at 22:00, Hunan TV’s ‘Laugh Out Loud’, you have to watch it!"

Photo Captions:
ZYL: "Gui Gui, I want to eat some fruit. Just one!"
GG: "Not even one! If you want to eat fruit, then plant it yourself."
ZYL: “Gui Gui-jiejie, aiyaya! Then I’ll just pull it away!”